The Oatmeal case gets even more bizarre. Enter “Gino Romano”, aka Jonathan Lee Riches

Believe it or not, we have a new contender for craziest character involved in the Oatmeal saga.

[If you’re unfamiliar with the Carreon vs. Inman (Oatmeal) case, it goes like this: cartoonist (Oatmeal) received a ridiculous letter threatening a defamation lawsuit from, represented by Charles Carreon.  Carreon/FunnyJunk demanded $20,000 to settle.  The Oatmeal responded by asking his readers to raise $20,000 for the NWF and American Cancer Society, whereupon he would send a picture of the money and a drawing of FunnyJunk’s mother seducing a Kodiak bear.  Oatmeal readers raised over $220,000 in a week.  Carreon responded by suing Inman, the crowdsourcing platform he used to raise the money (Indiegogo), unnamed Does who allegedly impersonated Carreon on Twitter (Carreon has a registered servicemark in his name) and tried (unsuccessfully) to hack Carreon’s website by trying to reset the password.  The EFF has come to Inman’s defense.  You can read more about this twisted tale at Popehat.]

Jonathan Lee Riches

One of the most notorious vexatious litigants ever is Jonathan Lee Riches, a former federal convict known for filing over 2,600 insane pro se lawsuits against everyone from Mark Cuban to George W. Bush.  My personal favorite was when he sued “Somalia pirates.”  Recently, he’s been masquerading as “Gino Romano”, and filed a case last month accusing Kim Kardashian of being the Hamburglar… or something.

Now he enters the Oatmeal saga, moving — twice! — to intervene as Plaintiff, first donning the mask of “Gino Romano” and then “Gino Romano Carreon”, from two different addresses, and claiming to be Charles Carreon’s “stranged” brother.  The reason he filed under “Gino Romano Carreon” in the second filing is likely because the day after his first filing, another judge enjoined him from filing under the “Gino Romano” alias.

Of course, none of what he says is remotely true  — remember, he sued the Roman Empire, the Appalachian Trail, the Warsaw Pact, “Uniform Commercial Code, unknown authors of” (pay attention, sovereign citizens),, and former planet Pluto… in the same lawsuit — but the entertainment value on this one is up there.

Riches/Romano/”Carreon” claims, among other things, that he and Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal are “drinking buddies at AA meetings” and that Carreon plans to “gay marry” Riches in San “Fransico” before turning over the proceeds of the Carreon v. Inman suit to al-Qaeda.

Riches/Romano/”Carreon” claims in the first filing, in its entirety:

Comes now, Gino Romano, with newly discovered evidence, moves this Court to intervene in this litigation as a Plaintiff. I have juicy details related to this case. On 6/20/2012 Plaintiff Charles Carreon [threw] a cup of oatmeal in my face. I also have evidence taken on my I-Phone of Charles Carreon setting wild fires with matches in Colorado.  I’m Gino Romano and I have numerous A/K/A’s on the Internet but it does not take a Einstein to figure me out. Charles Carreon joined Al-Qaeda on 2/14/2012 then Zawari #2 told Carreon to file this bogus lawsuit against Inman, Me & Inman are drinking buddies at AA meetings and I’m starting a cult of crowdfuding lawsuits nationwide. Charles Carreon told me personally to file 10 different Kim Kardashian lawsuits in 10 different jurisdictions, and Carreon told me it does not matter that the courts ban me, because alls I have to do is file another suit with a friend/ associate/ cult follower in their name, I file lawsuits nationwide because Carreon forced me to, sometimes at gun point, others with a buck knife, Carreon told me he is going to be Jerry Sanduskys appeal lawyer. I also intervene in this case to inform the Court that Carreon will use the funds if awarded in this case and give to his friend George Zimmerman in Florida if this case is ruled in his favor, so we cant let this happen. Carreon also has been giving pro-se legal advice to North Korean troops, and Carreon also conspired with Jared Lee Loughner in Tucson by brain washing Loughner and providing defense stragedys ,and Carreon had a affair with Amanda Knox at the Italian Embassy Valentines Day 2005, on June 3, 2009 Carreon murdered Carradine in Thai, and took his Star of David . […] Carreon was named after Charles Manson I also personally saw Carreon shoplift at Staples in Tucson typing paper used to file this lawsuit. I seek a restraining order agaisnt Carreon just in case he counter sues me or defames my character in responding to my intervention by stating lies and unfacts about me, because he only assumes who I’m am, but really has no clue!

Respectfully, (6-20-12)

Gino Romano

143 Roebling St. Suite 5

Brooklyn, NY 11211


The second filing, in its entirety:

Comes now, Gino Romano Carreon, moves this honorable Court to intervene with newly discovered evidence under Rule 24.

My name is Gino Romano Carreon and I’m the estranged brother of Plaintiff Charles Carreon and I will like to present my testimony and would like to speak because Charles Carreon is out of control with his litigation and possessed to file frivolous lawsuits. Last month I was at Charles Carreon’s home in Tuscon ,and I went into his attack and found a frivolous lawsuit manuscript written by Charles Carreon & Jonathan Lee Riches, with a singed pact agree-ment between Riches & Charles to file frivolous lawsuits in courts just to garnish attention and for self promotion. Charles told me personally that everythign in this lawsuit is a lie, and he just made up all the allegations against Inman & the Defendants. I’m whistle blowing on my brother just like David did to his brother Ted Kaczynsky exposing & turning in Ted’s manuscript, I’m doing the same. My brother Charles & Jonathan Lee Riches plan to same sex marry on the steps of San Fransico, and once marry, they are going to go on a litigation jihad and file frivolous lawsuits, like this one. I will also confess now on record that I had a affair with Charlers Carreons wife Tara Lynn Carreon , where we were secretly exchanging intimate emails on and she had a affair with Charles Carreon with me at a Buddhist temple in Tibet. Charles Carreon knows this, thats why we are stranged , and thats how I found the manuscrpit because I was at his house packing out my belongings in his attack but I also found a letter Carreon addressed to his lover Riches that if he wins any damages in this lawsuit he is going to buy himself a hair piece and donate the rest to Al-Qaeda, which I cannot allow to happen, so I’m asking this Court to respectfully dismiss this case as a patriotic duty […] and for the fact that Carreon is a liar, and everyones time is being wasted here. I respectfully pray this Court will grant my motion for relief.

Respectfully, (6-22-12)

Gino Romano Carreon

1617 John F. Kennedy Blvd

Philadelphia, PA 19103


Like Riches’ other 2,600 filings, the Court isn’t going to let this one in, either, as Riches is a vexatious litigant and needs to hold a lawyer’s hand or get a court’s permission before he files anything. And it’s (barely) the most insane thing anyone’s attempted to file in this lawsuit.  He is right about one thing — everyone’s time is being wasted here.

Update: Kevin Underhill of Lowering the Bar weighs in:

I am not condoning frivolous lawsuits by anyone, but think it’s remarkable that even Jonathan Lee Riches is on the right side of this contest.


Update (July 2): Riches strikes again! This time, Riches impersonates Inman and files a separate lawsuit against Carreon in Arizona.  Ken at Popehat has the filing — which includes breast enhancement surgery, Denny’s and, er, more oatmeal — and, being a former Federal prosecutor, believes that Riches may have finally done himself in by impersonating an actual person, rather than using one of his usual pseudonyms.

Update (December 5): Riches rides again?: Riches may be back to impersonating Charles Carreon in Federal court filings.  A document apparently posted by Riches here purports to be a motion to intervene by “Charles Hernan Carreon” in a different trademark case related to the Oatmeal (Excelsrior Printing v. Inman).  However, the document is not available on PACER, possibly because Riches isn’t allowed to file anything anywhere ever.

The “motion” reads:

Comes Now, Charles Hernan Carreon , pro-se, with newly discovered withheld evidence and I intervene as a Plaintiff . I was in the back parking lot of Excelsior Printing on valentines day 2012 and Matthew Inman sodomized me with funny junk and a Bety Boop comic book which bruised my anal. I was black and blue. Then Inman smacked my face with quaker oatmeal . Inman and film maker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula tatooed the Prophet Mohammed on my forehead and it was illegally wiretapped my Murdoch & news of the world and then Inman gave a joker outfit to James Eagan Holmes on July 19th, 2012 . James Holmes is innocent by the way. Inman used James Holmes weapons to kill hector macho camacho to rob him to use money to pay the electronic frontier foundation to defend him in this suit. Inman stole my party hat and made me sit in a corner with jack.Inman also plans to make comics of my wife Tara Lyn having sex with known serial killers like jared lee loughner, eric rudolph, anders breivik. I’m scared of Matthew Inman , he puts steroids in his oatmeal, and stole my peaces n cream from my grandma’s kitchen. I’m offended.
Dated: 11-24-2012



  1. Rliyen says:

    Isn’t this the same whackadoodle who sued Blizzard as Gordon Gekko because playing WOW forced him to commit identity theft to continue playing the game?

  2. Swindapa says:


    Shit I needed that. Thank’s for explaining this to me. I saw these filings floating around earlier, and had no idea what they were. I mean, I couldn’t explain it. It was almost like someone trying to be cute – but with a such a large helping of bizarre that it made you wonder.

    And thanks in advance for continuing to cover this story.

    /moat popcorn please

  3. benmorto says:

    we should just start shooting these frivolous lawyers in the leg; there would be a lot less shitty lawsuits

    • While that might prevent the lawyer from walking to the courthouse to file his frivolous claim, most lawyers file electronically or have someone else drop the papers off at the court for them.

      I guess we’ll just have to try non-violent means of solving this problem, like anti-SLAPP statutes.

      • no no just kill all the lawyers they make the world worse with their doing things that people don’t understand unless talk radio simplifies it for them. like how people think bush’s tort reform somehow punished lawyers by limiting the damages victims of negligent or incompetent doctors can collect. im assuming it was to punish lawyers because it damn sure didn’t bring down workers comp rates.

  4. […] Just got a message from a twitter account in the name of Jonathan Lee Riches — who, as Adam Steinbaugh points out, is a vexatious serial litigant who is either crazy or some sort of performance artist. He filed two […]

  5. In my capacity as a Brooklynite, I feel compelled to point out that the address of the first filing appears to be a restaurant. In any case, I’m fairly certain there are no suites.

  6. “stranged” indeed.

  7. i wonder if he’s related to the wolf lady?

  8. bjorn says:

    the guy is clearly a performance artist. and pretty good at that

  9. […] the icing on the cake is that the Carreon’s suit attracted the attention of one Jonathan Lee Riches, who is much, much more litigious than Carreon, having filed more than 2,600 lawsuits, including […]

  10. Lola J. says:

    We are comedy bloggers who collaborate with Mr. Riches to promote his unique brand of humorous protest on our site. Stop on by for updates or to see more of his fantastical suits. Don’t worry–we won’t sue you if you come to the site. We promise. But, if you don’t visit…Well, I can’t help you. (I’m joking! Like anyone– even me–could control the one-man lawsuit machine that IS Jonathan Lee Riches. Watch out! You could be next on his list!*)

    *But only if you’re famous and/or it would be hilarious to sue you. Like say, you’re Nancy Grace or a serious Juggalo. (BTW, did anyone else hear? Word on the street is that Nancy Grace is SERIOUS secret Juggalo. Just sayin’.)

  11. Incidentally, 1617 JFK Blvd in Philly is a Walgreens (Drug Store). Hell of a residence, Mr. Riches.

  12. […] The last sentence of the article sums it up. He gained notoriety from this. The lunacy goes on……an-lee-riches/ Last edited by localzuk; 4th July 2012 at 01:29 PM. Reply With […]

  13. Ittii says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of wrnoikg with Mr. Carreon. While I am confident we did not see eye to eye politically, he was fun to chat and talk with. On that note, I haven’t been following him that much since he moved out of state but I can say one thing.. I’m not a fan of lame/frivolous lawsuits. I think the courts are overworked, overburdened and I think drowning’ anyone in legal limbo simply to drown them is not cool. Whether that is going on here or not, I don’t know as I haven’t personally read the facts but I will say for what it is worth that Charles did make a great employer and it is unfortunate if he’s truly going rogue.’ I think he has some amazing legal insight and is in a position to be a real force for good if he chooses to go down that route. Not sure that is the route being taken here which is unfortunate. Good luck to you in your fight to preserve Free Speech.

  14. Davit says:

    Whew boy, after what seemed an eteinrty, the orginal OG CC is at it again, this time hes some sort of cyber-web-internet-doctor, or something. SMIDSH or whatever made up doctor type language he’s concoted on its quite fasinating, it makes it seem that hes above it all by looking down into the petri-dish that is the net, and of course equating all the trolls or people ont he net as nazis. I guess becuase hes ont he web that makes him a brown shirt too? Strange. Anyways, thought you should know! keep going!

  15. Ranik says:

    I think you are being a little . hard on Chuck. After all he is up agsanit the interwebnets and it is a brutal place out there in all those tubes and whatnot. He is just trying to do what he thinks . Blllaaahhhhh who am I kidding? What an asshole. Good for you ghost Chuck. He just keeps digging and digging.Mrs. C, please go down on Mr. C so he will chill out a little. He obviously really needs it bad. GET ER DONE!!!Carreon my wayward son, they’ll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest, and don’t you cry no more.

  16. […] Lastly, Chance makes a lot of noise to say that “falsified documents” have been posted about him (where?), that I created an account for him on a gay dating site (what?), that I’m being paid by (I thought I was being paid by Big Porn…), that I forced him to freestyle rap on Twitter to defend himself (I promise to never do this again), that Marc Randazza is supposedly paying Anonymous to hack the site, etc.  I’m beginning to have trouble distinguishing Chance and Craig’s crazy theories from those of Jonathan Lee Riches. […]

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