Carreon’s Pyrrhic “victory” isn’t over yet

Via ArsTechnica, Carreon has declared outright Pyrrhic victory.  

Courtesy of Popehat reader M.

So let’s get this straight: Carreon claimed to be suing to ensure that Inman would donate the money to the charities (just as Inman said he was going to do) instead of pilfering it for himself (a possibility imagined only by Carreon).  After the EFF told Carreon that the money was already en route to the charities, Carreon persisted with seeking a temporary restraining order to make sure that the money got locked up in litigation… so that it could eventually reach the charities.

Carreon, apparently, has forgotten about his professed goal of protecting the public against Indiegogo from deducting a service fee from the raised funds after clearly explaining the service fee on their website.

Or, of course, feigning the need to protect the trademark in his own name, including much-maligned threats to subpoena ArsTechnica and Twitter to expose a critic (and then actually exposing a critic by threatening — and then inexplicably failing to follow through on the threat  — to sue and his anonymous critic the very next day if didn’t unmask the critic).  Or the need to remedy the horrific damages he incurred when somebody tried to ‘hack’ his website by clicking a link that sent the website password to hackers worldwide Carreon.  And, of course, he alleged Inman was legally liable for all of this.

And, so, with the judge about to dismiss his TRO application as legally pointless, and just as the big guns come out, Carreon packs away his water pistol and declares victory on behalf of a public that didn’t want or need his help — and having accomplished nothing but provide them with entertainment at the expense of valuable public and charitable resources — and rides into the sunset.  We call this cowardice.

But, with the possibility that Inman and company will seek legal fees, a pending lawsuit seeking to ward off Carreon’s lingering frivolous threats against an anonymous critic, and his reputation destroyed, perhaps it won’t all be happy trails for the ‘white hat lawyer.’ A Pyrrhic victory, indeed.


  1. dex says:

    Calling it a Pyrrhic victory gives too much credit to Charles. He didn’t vanquish his foe at devastating personal cost. He merely threatened his foe, got laughed at, and retreated in a state of degradation. I suspect that Charles (not to mention Tara) would have welcomed at least a Pyrrhic victory. But Inman is still rich, popular, and successful; and Charles is the opposite of all three. Inman bested Charles unambiguously, and I suspect that Charles, no matter what he says to save face, will take the smart and sting of it to his grave.

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