IsAnybodyDown Part III: Craig Doubles-Down with Trolldown

So Craig Brittain, purported proprietor of and defender of his imaginary lawyer-friend, has now doubled-down with a blog of his own: [Update: the sites were down,but are online again.]

In doing so, he has demonstrated that he has a more advanced form of the Four Flameout Stages of Carreonization, as here he enters the third stage:

  1. Try to exploit people using bizarre legal theories.
  2. Dissemble upon exposure.
  3. Set up a bizarre website to expose your critics.
  4. Abandon new website, hide from process servers.

In this foray, armed with a newly-minted WordPress blog and a bare grasp of conspiratorial conjecture, Craig accuses Randazza, “Ken Popehat”, and myself of being backed by Big Porn™! 

While I’m sure Craig had fun googling “big porn” in compiling this formidable array of wishful thinking, I’m more concerned by the fact that I haven’t received a check from Big Porn™ yet.  Marc, Ken — can you guys recommend a bank where the tellers will cash a check from Big Porn™ without judging me? Are the checks big, like those ones the lottery winners get?  I can’t wait to get one.

So, how does [Randazza] manage to cause damage to his opponents? By using the same bullying tactics that he claims to oppose. Digging up things from people’s pasts, and subjecting them to public ridicule. Claiming that these rival businesses are breaking the law in some way, shape, or form. Forming a mob with other lawyers (who are also paid under the table by Big Porn), such as Kenneth White and Big-Porn-lawyer-in-training Adam Steinbaugh (whose entire college scholarship was paid for by Big Porn).

Wait, so I wasn’t supposed to pay all that money to Whittier College? Why didn’t you guys tell me?! This is the most inept scheme since, oh yeah, yesterday.

But let’s be serious for a moment.  Craig now complains that people being subjected to public ridicule is bullying!  Yes, it does suck to have things from your past dredged up online.  The difference between us, Craig, is that everything you did was in public.  The images you use to exploit men and women were private – and you make money off of it.  All I get is satisfaction.

And a check from Big Porn™, of course.

In fact, a source close to the situation has revealed that Marco Randazza, Kenneth White and Adam Steinbaugh are each being paid over $350,000 to sabotage and defeat


Hell yeah! I don’t even have experience and I’m getting paid as much as a Harvard-trained former Federal prosecutor and a veteran First Amendment badass!

This check better be huge.


  1. Jack B. says:

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I guess you should take Troll Down as a huge compliment. It leads to some confusion have both sites open in separate tabs.

  2. Joost says:

    In your last email to him:

    “I pray to God you’ve hired Charles”

    If that would happen i wouldn’t stop laughing till the end of the year. Those two seem made for eachother.

    Keep up the good work in taking down these bastards, and congratulations on getting that big contract with Big Porn(tm)

  3. Wait….what…email to him recommending Charles? Where is this gem?

  4. haha Brantner says:

    When I went to go see if he removed the references to trolldown on his website, I noticed that IsAnyBodyDown is currently down. Wonder what the reason for that is :)

  5. haha Brantner says:

    Nevermind… the site is back up…. I can’t delete my last comment ^^^

  6. Tali McPike says:

    I would just like to point out how funny it is that all of the comments (and I would presume nearly all the views) on Trolldown are from people mocking him/them

  7. Nick says:

    If you get $350,000 from Big Porn does that count as employed for law school stats?

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  10. The Spook says:

    Are you aware that Chance is running for president now?

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