Are you posted on or

Are your nude photos posted on or If so, I’d like to talk with you. I’ve written critically about both sites here and I am interested in finding out additional information about the sites, including more about how they get their pictures, how they respond to takedown requests, and the experience you’ve had as a result of being posted.

Anonymity guaranteed. I won’t reveal any identifying information without your permission or a lawful order (e.g., a subpoena).

Please note that I am not a lawyer and can’t help get your pictures removed. Another site has posted some tips on how to get pictures removed, but I can’t vouch for whether following its advice would be successful or legally prudent. I highly recommend that you contact an attorney.

You can email me ( or find additional contact information on my “About” page.


  1. hbic says:

    You Got Posted has a link to a “reputation defender” site that for $200. will supposedly delete the photos. The email addy of the reputation defender site-the paypal address where the $ is sent, is the SAME as the owner of you got posted!

    • AdamSteinbaugh says:

      Can you email me? I’ve got a post up about that scam, too, but I’m interested in learning more.

      • snowangel says:

        It’s now $250… I’m seriously thinking of just paying it… this is causing serious damage to my emotions and will ruin my career.

  2. YouGotPosted is hosted by CloudFlare. How about going through the web hosting site and get it taking down that way? What are your thoughts on that?


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