Craig Brittain Still Can’t Keep His “David Blade” Story Straight

The Colorado Springs Independent has a feature story out today about Craig Brittain and his controversial site.  If you haven’t been following along, here’s a synopsis of the controversy.

The article is worth a read, both because it lays out some of the controversy and because it gives Craig Brittain ample room to shed light on his side of the story.  Presented with this generous opportunity, Craig dissembles.  Craig is already claiming to have been significantly misquoted.

Months after this controversy began, these are the two big questions Craig has failed or refused to directly answer, and some discrepancies raised by Craig:

1. Who the hell is “David Blade, III”? has two advertisers: One is Kataishin, a band fronted by Chance Trahan (who designed IsAnybodyDown).  The other is the “Takedown Hammer,” a “team” which offers to negotiate with Craig Brittain to remove photos from IsAnybodyDown for $250.  Previously, the “Takedown Hammer” advertised as “Takedown Lawyer David Blade, III.”  That ended after First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza voiced skepticism that David Blade was really a lawyer.  Within hours of being confronted, the “Takedown Lawyer” disappeared and the “Takedown Hammer” site was launched in its place — a site registered by Craig Brittain and hosted on his server.

In the last two months, Craig Brittain, Chance Trahan, and “David Blade” have failed to come up with a coherent explanation and have instead given contradictory answers as to who “David Blade” is:

Craig now says the Independent just plum made that quote up:

For Takedown Hammer, I never said that anyone “invented a lawyer”. That series of quotes is nonsense. What I said was that Takedown Hammer were, and are, ex-employees of and I have no idea whether or not they are actually lawyers or not, or what they do with their personal lives. They claimed that at least one of them is a lawyer – but they’ve changed the reference of such on their website because they have said they don’t actually do any legal work.

So Craig has no idea whether David Blade is a lawyer or not.  Barely knows nothin’ about the guy.  “David Blade” apparently quit the law business and dedicated a service almost exclusively to IsAnybodyDown (the “Takedown Lawyer” site warned it couldn’t remove photos from pretty much every other involuntary porn site).  But Craig doesn’t know a thing about him.

An old college buddy, but Craig doesn’t know whether he’s a lawyer or not?  Perhaps the ad on IsAnybodyDown (in which “David Blade” said: “I attended college with the administrator of this website. We are on a first name basis and regularly converse”) was a gimmick and Craig ignored that false statement of fact because it was just an ad.  I doubt it.

You might start to doubt it as well when you realize that Craig expressed concern for Blade’s “multiple children” in emails to Ken White.  But, no, Craig knows nothing about the personal life of “David Blade.”

Or maybe your doubt will grow knowing that Craig and “David Blade” were sending emails from the same computer in Colorado Springs  In those emails, they were using the same I-think-this-is-what-a-lawyer-would-say pig-legalese to defend David Blade.

Emails with similar language sent from the same computer about a service that only removes content from Craig’s site, only advertises on Craig’s site, and whose website is administered by Craig.  But it’s completely independent.  Right.

Craig tells the Independent:  “I’ve always been a big fan of transparency. […] The public wants the truth, even if the truth is not as pretty.”

So, be transparent: who is David Blade?


2. How does get its photos? Does Craig respond to Craigslist personals ads?

Craig asserts that half of the people on his site were posting their photos on Craigslist — part of his bizarre claim that people somehow consent to being pictured on his site.  There is substantial evidence that Craig (or someone else) responds  to Craigslist personals ads, then posts the pictures.  If he does so, that’s disturbingly dishonest, and spinning it as “consent” is an appalling step towards blaming the victim — a victim created by the site.


Craig’s Miscellaneous Errata:

Craig, in his response to the Independent, gets almost every fact related to wrong:

There is no ‘horny sluts’ category on my website.

False.  The Independent was talking about how the site tags women. There is indeed such a tag.

Craig continues:

Randazza and his cult are still full of garbage, and themselves. I didn’t say that a big porn mob hired them – I said someone is paying him. Corner him next time, media – ask him to reveal who is paying him. I don’t believe it’s some big shadowy conspiracy, but someone is putting down the bucks. He’s getting paid. Ask him who’s paying him.

While it’s true that Craig may not have said this to the Independent, his “Trolldown” website is quite explicit in its grandiose conspiracy theories:

[Randazza is f]orming a mob with other lawyers (who are also paid under the table by Big Porn), such as Kenneth White and Big-Porn-lawyer-in-training Adam Steinbaugh (whose entire college scholarship was paid for by Big Porn). […]

[Randazza reneged on a deal with me after] Big Porn offered him more money to continue to attack In fact, a source close to the situation has revealed that Marco Randazza, Kenneth White and Adam Steinbaugh are each being paid over $350,000 to sabotage and defeat

Collectively, the sum is over one million dollars in Big Porn drug money. Mafia money. Blood money. He’s effectively getting paid with the blood of the people who have died at the hands of the mafia.

Elsewhere on the site, Craig claimed an anti-Semitic conspiracy was afoot in his being targeted by Anonymous.

Finally, Craig sputters:

We don’t attack anyone on our website.

The site as a whole is an attack on those pictured on it.  Categorizing victims as having STDs or objectifying them as a “Beast of a Feast” if Craig thinks they’re overweight — that’s not an attack?  Though Craig now justifies his behavior as promoting some new world in which nudity is destigmaized (but he won’t post his own nude photos and join his revolution), he once tried to promote the site (and nudity in general) as a “weapon.”  But if that doesn’t do it for you, here are the emails Craig posted — then deleted — in which he mocked and insulted his victims.

The remainder of Craig’s vacuous dissembling doesn’t even merit a response.  Helping people by charging them money so they don’t get harassed as a direct result of your site?  Spare me.


  1. captain obvious says:

    Well thats the problem with lying – Craig and Chance can’t remember what lies they’ve told before to keep it straight – obviously

  2. Nothing better than both Chance and Craig making themselves into further clowns.

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  4. GDad says:

    I only have one question, Adam. Can I, too, get into law school on a full ride paid for by Big P_rn?

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  6. flip says:

    I asked them repeatedly to provide evidence of this Big Pron payment and conspiracy… as I expected, nothing was forthcoming except for insults. Not only can they not lie, they can’t even do it without descending into craziness.

  7. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    Why yes I am targeting him.

    Thats why I found the doxxing anons had done on him before when he was running you are not anonymous and pissed off the wrong people.
    Downside for him is I’m not part of the collective, I just hate bullies.

  8. flip says:

    I just saw a comment on the “On the Media” site – anyone who can pass on the info/help out might want to do so.

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