IsAnybodyDown: The Fake Identities of Craig Brittain, aka “Jess Davis” and “David Blade”

If you’ve been following the ongoing saga of revenge porn site, you might recall that I’ve alleged that the site’s operator, Craig Brittain of Colorado Springs, was likely getting photos for his site by responding to Craigslist personals ads.  I theorized this on the basis that most of the posts on IsAnybodyDown are tagged ‘craigslist’ and from screenshots posted by Brittain.

And now there’s proof.

CBS Denver investigative reporter Brian Maass has acquired emails which were sent to victims of IsAnybodyDown.  His must-read story is here.


The emails were sent under a fake name — “Jess Davis” — in order to solicit nude photos from Craigslist posters.  The “Jess Davis” concocted by Brittain incorporates part of the real name and photos of one of the victims of IsAnybodyDown.  After he successfully conned women (and presumably men) into providing him with their nude photos, names, phone numbers, and dates of birth, Craig Brittain then himself posted those photos to IsAnybodyDown under the guise that they were submitted by a user or ex-lover.  He then used another alter-ego — ‘lawyer’ “David Blade III” — to defraud victims of $250 to have their own photos removed from the site.

The headers (technical data showing the route the emails took) show that the emails originated from the same Colorado Springs IP address used by Craig Brittain, including in emails sent by both himself and “David Blade.”  Headers of an email also show that it was sent using DreamMail — the same version of the same obscure email program used by both Craig Brittain (as seen in this screenshot posted to his site) and “David Blade.”


Craig Brittain has repeatedly denied allegations that he dredged Craigslist for photos.  Responding to questions asking whether he had ever posted on Craigslist or responded to a Craigslist post, Brittain remarked:

All of the content on my website is submitted by users. 

That means all of it

Asked whether the site gets pictures by responding to Craigslist ads, Craig responded:

Some submitters may send in pictures that they got from Craigslist, but we personally don’t get them ourselves.


Craig Brittain is lying.  In addition to the emails provided to CBS Denver and myself, there is substantial evidence that Craig was trolling Craigslist for nude photos.  Nor do Craig’s explanations for discrepancies in his story make any sense.

In one email that Craig Brittain posted (and later deleted from his site when I pointed it out), he tells a victim that a picture is not “stolen” because “you sent it to me.”

Further, screenshots of emails posted to IsAnybodyDown purportedly submitting the victim’s photos (and phone number) often show the victim’s name in the “From:” field.  The “To:” field is usually redacted so that it’s impossible to see who the ‘submitter’ is.  But not always: two emails (here and here) posted by Craig show that the emails were sent in response to Craigslist posts and were sent directly by the victim to two of Craig’s email addresses.

For example, this email appears to come directly from a victim:


Craig attempts to explain this “From:” discrepancy by claiming:

The emails that appear under the name of the person who is pictured are emails that were forwarded to me by the submitters of the content.  They usually contain phone numbers as proof that the people in question voluntarily sent their phone number to the submitter.  All phone numbers contain screen captures for that reason.

But that’s not how forwarded emails appear in the email program Brittain uses (DreamMail   As with most email programs, a forwarded email appears in the text of the email, like this:



So what? We already knew that he’s a dishonest lowlife.  But this is important.  Because he was the submitter of content to his site, Craig Brittain will likely lose any CDA Sec. 230 immunity as to claims raised by victims he deceived on Craigslist.  And there are potentially a lot of victims who can avoid the CDA entirely: some 430 entries on the site are tagged “craigslist.”  Assuming that Craig Brittain was the ‘submitter’ of these photos, he is at risk of personal liability for at least half of the site’s victims.

Second, this also suggests that Craig is comfortable creating fake identities online and denying that he’s ever done so.  Is there anyone left who believes that Craig is not “David Blade” or the “Takedown Hammer” (as his ever-shifting story claims)?  No.

But wait, there’s more!  In addition to the “David Blade” persona (who Craig now says is some guy named “James,” but won’t provide the full name of “James”), Craig Brittain apparently operates a number of fake profiles on Facebook.  These profiles almost uniformly ‘like’ Craig’s projects, including IsAnybodyDown, his abandoned “”, and various karaoke events in Colorado Springs.  See for yourself:

Finally, if Craig happens to read this: avoid the temptation to delete emails or accounts.  That’s called spoliation of evidence, and doing so will not end well for you.

UPDATE 2/19: Craig Brittain responds

Craig Brittain responds to some of these allegations on his Twitter.  Excerpts:

  • Joe Pullen

    I seriously did not think the rabbit hole could get any deeper or that he could be even more stupid. I was wrong.

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  • Efemmeral

    This pathetic man-child reminds me of Cool Hand Luke. I can see him there in the courtroom, grinning like a hapless fool, maybe arm pumping an imagined victory, while the attorneys methodically dismember him.

    • Red Hiatt

      Does anyone know of a good lawyer that will take a case against this man?

      • Douche lord Adam

        You are quite the righteous douchebag Adam. Go ahead and Dox me :) funny you denounce such behavior and then take pleasure in repeating similar actions. You my friend, are a stone cold troll.

  • flip

    Apparently Craig likes to think that women everywhere are on his side… And still hasn’t learned that you can’t simply call “conspiracy” and hope no one asks you for evidence for it.

  • meagin99877

    ericsteven@changemyreputation when you open the headers that is the name eric s, and eric s is related to ygposted. I could not find my other comment. I think they are the same people and maybe THAT is the business model? (extortion)

  • todd

    who cares? this crap is about as news worthy as a cat stuck in a tree.

    • AdamSteinbaugh

      My, you have an interesting history with Texas courts.

      • Morgaine A D’Clegg

        Laughing. I wish I could dig like you do. Just know, if you go over my records, I am a Targeted Individual. Mostly bullshit. They even fucked with my medical records. todd clearly is outed for who he is. Good work that you do in the world. :)

  • gshevlin

    Craig really is a charming person isn’t he?

  • Who’s Your Damage?©

    Imagine if he tried turning his talents to good rather than to lust & greed.

    • Noah Callaway

      In my personal opinion his only talents appear to be lust & greed.

  • Viviane

    So what’s the penalty in CO for impersonating a lawyer?

  • RaoulDuke

    What a twat…

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