Craig Brittain “Shuts Down” IsAnybodyDown, Renames it “”

[Update (2/28/15): Since Brittain is trying to get this post removed, it’s received substantially more traffic than it would have otherwise.  This is called the Streisand Effect: when attempts to remove content through dubious legal means winds up backfiring and exposing the content to more people who wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.  Meanwhile, the FTC will soon vote on whether to settle with Brittain — a settlement which does not require him to pay back his victims.  I think the FTC should require him to pay his victims back, and with a spare minute or two, you can tell the FTC not to let Brittain off with a slap on the wrist.]

Yesterday, revenge porn’s Craig Brittain announced on Twitter that he was ending his site, (synopsis here).  Many (myself included) interpreted that to mean that Brittain was shutting down his site.  And with tweets like these, wouldn’t you?:

Alas, it appears that Brittain was being disingenuous: he’s merely renamed the site to — and wants more money.

Brittain registered the domains and the same day he said he was shutting down  The reason for the new name? Your guess is as good as mine, but Brittain blames Obama for his need to run a revenge porn site.  So there’s that.

Brittain has also updated the advertisement for the “independent” takedown service,, raising  the fee for removing photos from $250 to $300.  You may recall that the “Takedown Hammer” isn’t independent at all: it’s an extortionate front operated by Brittain, who claims that the service is that of an “independent third party team.”

To that end, the advertisement has now been updated to say:

“We have had over 110 posts successfully removed from and over 600 total unwanted pieces of content removed from other websites such as YouGotPosted, Offendex, Pinkmeth, 1upem and more.”

I reached out to the “other” websites listed to find out exactly how many photos they’ve removed in conjunction with the “Takedown Hammer”.  Each of the sites that responded — Offendex, Pinkmeth, and 1upem — said they’ve never removed any material due to the “Takedown Hammer.”  Only YouGotPosted didn’t respond, likely because they’re busy running a similar scam.

That leaves Craig Brittain’s website as the only website that the “Takedown Hammer” ‘team’ removes content from for money.  That’s a poor business model — no wonder they Craig Brittain had to increase the protection money fee.

And, of course, you can always trust Craig Brittain to keep the photos offline once you pay him, right? He did keep his word when he said he would “shut down” IsAnybodyDown, right?

We’ll see whether the site will shut down today or whether Brittain will again prove himself a liar.  My money’s on the latter.


  1. GDad says:

    A coworker is having conversations with his 13-year-old son about saying appropriate things via texting and the Internet. I pointed him to this kerfuffle as an object lesson regarding the permanency of the internet he could use to impart the message upon said son.

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  3. Doesn’t President Obama have commercial rights to his own name?

  4. CS Ghost Hunter says:

    I really want to see this guy fall. Hard. He’s an embarrassment to my city (Colorado Springs), and an insult to anyone who believes in respecting all human beings regardless of their past. Honestly, I tried to play devil’s advocate with this dude when I first heard about him in the CS Indy, but the minute I saw what his trash website does (posting personal pictures of people without their permission, plus all their personal info), and finding out how much of a sociopath the guy really is after speaking to him briefly before I looked into the site (2 weeks after I read the article on him)…this guy is toxic and does not give a damn what his actions can do to others. He can’t even accept any responsibility for his own mistakes he committed judging from what I’ve read about the dude elsewhere. Keep after him, guys. I love it when idiots like this crash and burn after their own inhumane actions come back to haunt them.

  5. flip says:

    Wow. So battling all the ‘little’ lawyers out there isn’t enough: now they’re taking on the potential risk of being sued by government figures. Yep, this is going to go real well. Is it me or is this a legal form of suicide by cop?

  6. patriot7080 says:

    Can’t believe any scorned woman with a gun hasn’t splattered this guys brains yet.
    It’s been done for a lot less issues already.

  7. 1pissedoffWoman says:

    I want to know 1 how to remove my pics from his website and 2 how did he get my pics. I did email takedown hammer and told them to remove my pics now, that I’m not paying $300.00 because I know that they’re the same ones who put them on there. I just want my pics gone

  8. Marco Cadiz says: seems to forward you to a facebook page offering investigative services. “DIY Spies – Find out anything about anyone –
    Low rates – The greatest investigation service in the USA – Better than
    the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. We know the world’s secrets.” A scam no doubt

  9. Butler trash says:

    Look at my gossip site. Due to bullshit like this people are now busting my balls calling it revenge porn. Smh

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  12. james_from_cambridge says:

    I’ve seen Obama blamed for just about everything but blaming him for running a revenge porn site? A new low…

  13. J. Jones says:

    When Craig Brittain is jailed for his multitude of offenses and crimes against humanity, a live video feed should follow him around in his various jail cells, shower, bathroom, beat downs, etc, and be available for all to witness. This video feed of him in jail will show all the indignities he endures there and what he is reduced to when the others find out that he’s there for forcibly sexually exploiting his inmates’ sisters and girlfriends, and women in general. That won’t be take too kindly. Whatever indignities Craig Brittain endures in jail should be available for all the public to witness, much like how he forcibly exposed women’s most inmate moments and body parts, and compounded his monstrosity by exploiting their dignity and humiliation by embezzling his victims for financial profit. Before he burns in hell for eternity, which is a given at this point, he should see what it’s like to endure the humiliation he inflicted upon others throughout the remainder of what I hope to be a very long incarcerated and humiliated “life”.