Revenge Porn’s Hunter Moore Ordered to Pay $30,103.39 to Storage Wars Star Brandi Passante

In June, reality television star Brandi Passante won a default judgment against Hunter Moore for, among other things, trademark infringement and defamation.  Moore, who bears a heavy crown as most hated person on the internet for attempting to legitimize revenge porn, had responded to the lawsuit only by — you don’t want to click this link at work or anywhere else — sending Passante’s lawyer a picture of his dick.  And, of course, quietly removing what he had claimed was a nude video of Passante (it wasn’t) after the judge suggested that the U.S. Marshals intervene.

After Moore ignored the lawsuit and lost by default — a curious legal strategy for a self-proclaimed millionaire — the judge awarded Passante $750, a sum Gawker labeled “paltry,” on the basis that Passante hadn’t demonstrated her actual damages.   The court also awarded Passante attorneys’ fees and suggested that she submit a declaration substantiating her actual damages.

While it remains to be seen whether Passante will describe how much the court should really give her, she did seek an order that Moore reimburse her for the attorneys’ fees.

The court obliged, awarding Passante $30,103.39 — the order after the jump.  Based on some rough calculations, that means Moore has now been ordered by various courts to pay $294,022.89, the lion’s share of resulting from James McGibney’s defamation lawsuit against Moore.

It’s unlikely that Moore has many assets, given that he can’t seem to find a lawyer to respond to any of these lawsuits.  Nevertheless, happy hunting, judgment creditors.


Brandi Passante v. Hunter Moore Attorneys Fees Award


  1. Anonymous says:

    I applaud you Adam! For these articles on Revenge Porn sites, and their owners! Revenge porn is not about Revenge anymore, the ones who run these sites, steal photos and post them. Mine were stolen, from a password protected photo storage site, never posted on line. This is how these people do business, they steal photos, ruin peoples lives, and profit from it. To be posted on a site as this, is a horrendous experience! I was up in cold sweats of fear every night. Your entire life changes, how you see men, how you feel in public, I couldn’t look anyone in the eye for a long long time, feeling deep shame inside. These photos were for my husband only, and stolen to be posted on these sites. When you see yourself on these sites, you begin to feel so helpless inside, your entire life is filled fear, and it is beyond overwhelming. You begin to look at every man, in every store, in every place you meet with different eyes, and not trust any of them. I had to go through therapy to wash away the sins of these sites from my heart, so I could see men in a normal way, and myself with love once again. They rob the heart and rape the soul of many innocent victims. What you are doing is so Powerful! When victims like myself, read your words, how these owners and sites are getting caught and identified, it heals many of us, for we can touch a sense of enpowerment inside of us once again, that there is justice and hope. Thank you!!

    • Next time don’t take naked pictures. And if you do, don’t store them on the web. Don’t store them in your house. Don’t store them anywhere.

      That’s a dangerous game you play in this day and age. Don’t play the game if you can’t pay the price. That’s just reality.

  2. Kris Humphries says:

    750* she only got $750

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