Charlie Evens, Hunter Moore’s hacker-for-hire, takes guilty plea in state case

This is out of left field.  Charlie Evens, who was charged in federal court in Los Angeles with hacking email accounts in search of nude photographs — and being paid by internet arch-nemesis Hunter Moore for doing so — has pleaded guilty to state charges.

The complaint, below, is brusque, alleging that Evens accessed eleven email accounts within one month in 2013.  The press release alleges that Evens accessed three hundred Facebook or email accounts by befriending people on Facebook and tricking them into providing him with access codes to their email accounts, after which he would log into the users’ Facebook accounts and repeat the process with their friends. In other words, he was playing social engineering leap-frog.

Evens was charged with eleven counts under California Penal Code 502(c)(4), which applies where one:

Knowingly accesses and without permission adds, alters, damages, deletes, or destroys any data, computer software, or computer programs which reside or exist internal or external to a computer, computer system, or computer network.

Evens ran afoul of this statute because he (apparently) changed the passwords to the accounts after he accessed them, which is likely sufficient to meet the “alters” requirement.

The complaint, below, was filed one week ago and Evens entered a guilty plea today, indicating that a plea agreement was reached before he was formally charged.

Evens previously confessed to a CNN reporter that he had accessed others’ email accounts in search of nude photos, which is a very bad idea when you don’t yet have a plea agreement in place.  Indeed, Evens still faces a trial next month in the federal case.

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