Farewell (sorta, maybe)

After a few mostly-wrong and very-bad blog posts, and a half-million visitors here (!), the rabblerousers over at Popehat.com have been so kind as to invite me to join them as a contributing blogger there.  I’ll be posting much of the same nonsense that I’ve posted here over the last few years, and I hope my massive online audience will follow me over there.  So I hope to see both of you there.

I’ll probably continue to post minor updates on some particular cases here, and will probably use this to post things that you don’t care about, like my weird music interests and pictures of my cat.

As always, you can also follow me on twitter dot com, and please send tips (especially crazy or free-speech-related lawsuits!) via email.


  1. Ehud Gavron says:

    Not going to miss you.

    Because I’ll read you on Popehat!


    Ehud Gavron
    your one reader in Tucson AZ US

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