Revenge Porn Kingpin Hunter Moore Indicted on Federal Hacking Charges

According to this report from TIME Magazine’s Jessica K. Roy (who previously worked the revenge porn beat for Betabeat), revenge porn kingpin Hunter Moore has been indicted in connection with Federal hacking charges. The indictment reportedly includes 15 counts and also charges an alleged associate of Moore (Charles Evans), is reportedly in the Federal District Court for the Central District of California, in Los Angeles.  (I live a few blocks from the courthouse, so I’ll be attending any hearings in the matter.)

Moore has long been the subject of an FBI investigation concerning his hacking.  In previous tweets to me, Moore claimed to have been raided “6 times” in a since-deleted tweet.

The Los Angeles courthouse may be unfamiliar to Moore, but he’s previously been held in contempt by a judge there in a civil case, and owes over $300,000 in default judgments relating to his online activity.

Moore was due to DJ this weekend at Dim Mak Studios, a Los Angeles club.  Previous appearances at clubs around the country were cancelled due to protests.

Moore’s indictment is not yet on PACER, the public access website for federal court filings.

Update: The indictment (below) alleges that Moore told Evens, who he knew to be accessing e-mail accounts  (without authorization of the owner) to acquire nude photos, to “hack more” and “hack all week for me.”  Moore then paid Evens via PayPal and wire transfers, ostensibly for the photos.

Revenge Porn – Moore-Evens Indictment

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