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Prenda’s Steele (Unsurprisingly) Loses ‘Due Process’ Bid

Last week, Prenda’s John Steele faced Judge Wright and found his voice. Steele alleged that opposing counsel Morgan Pietz had purposefully failed to serve him with a series of filings. That hearing did not go well for Steele.

Wright’s order denying Steele’s motion is here. True to form, Wright sardonically informs the self-represented Steele of the resources available in the court’s pro se clinic — a place usually reserved for crazy prople.

The court gave Steele’s initial position short shrift, having denied the original motion out if hand and without explanation. While the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure permit a court, in cases with an “unusually” large number of parties, to order that motions be served only on particular parties to the case, this was not such a case and the court had made no such order.

But Steele did himself no favors by attempting to make a mountain out of a molehill, seeking sanctions for what appeared to have been an oversight with no actual impact on his rights. Stripped of the hyperbole, and with the evidence that Steele was actively involved in coordinating defenses, Steele’s argument was essentially that he didn’t get a paper copy sent to an address that doesn’t exist.

Steele faces sanctions for his motion, and it’s quite clear from Wright’s order that the only dispute will be over the amount ordered.