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IsAnybodyDown Part IV: More Evidence the People Pictured were Deceived — and Didn’t Consent

In earlier posts, I documented some evidence that the proprietors of involuntary-porn site IsAnybodyDown.com were culling their photos from unsuspecting Craigslist posters and discounted their nonsensical claims that everyone who appears on the site consented to be pictured there.  This post is largely a re-hash of that evidence — with some fun new discoveries.

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IsAnybodyDown Part III: Craig Doubles-Down with Trolldown

So Craig Brittain, purported proprietor of IsAnybodyDown.com and defender of his imaginary lawyer-friend, has now doubled-down with a blog of his own: Trolldown.com. [Update: the sites were down,but are online again.]

In doing so, he has demonstrated that he has a more advanced form of the Four Flameout Stages of Carreonization, as here he enters the third stage:

  1. Try to exploit people using bizarre legal theories.
  2. Dissemble upon exposure.
  3. Set up a bizarre website to expose your critics.
  4. Abandon new website, hide from process servers.

In this foray, armed with a newly-minted WordPress blog and a bare grasp of conspiratorial conjecture, Craig accuses Randazza, “Ken Popehat”, and myself of being backed by Big Porn™! 

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IsAnybodyDown Update: Craig’s Pissed — because Barack Obama

Craig Brittain of IsAnybodyDown.com has apparently responded to his critics in an almost-coherent screed [PDF] threatening thunder and lightning on, inter alia, Randazza, “Ken Popehat,” and myself, and proclaiming that he’d be worth at least $8 million if it weren’t for that rascally Obama character. (Update: he’s now removed the post and is instead rambling about coal?)

He also had the courtesy to respond to me via email.

Update: Craig has since launched a blog of his own; now it’s not Obama’s fault — it’s the mafia’s and “Big Porn.”

What have we learned?

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Craig’s List: IsAnybodyDown.com and The Takedown, Hammered

Seeing that Marc Randazza and Popehat are quick on the scent of a new scam operation, I figured I’d pile on — as I am wont to do, both as a matter of impulse and because I hope that future Google searches for “The Takedown Lawyer“, “Is Anybody Down“, or “IsAnybodyDown.com” result in a well-placed result for Randazza’s offer to help victims of this scheme for free.

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