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Craig Brittain “Shuts Down” IsAnybodyDown, Renames it “ObamaNudes.com”

[Update (2/28/15): Since Brittain is trying to get this post removed, it’s received substantially more traffic than it would have otherwise.  This is called the Streisand Effect: when attempts to remove content through dubious legal means winds up backfiring and exposing the content to more people who wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.  Meanwhile, the FTC will soon vote on whether to settle with Brittain — a settlement which does not require him to pay back his victims.  I think the FTC should require him to pay his victims back, and with a spare minute or two, you can tell the FTC not to let Brittain off with a slap on the wrist.]

Yesterday, revenge porn’s Craig Brittain announced on Twitter that he was ending his site, IsAnybodyDown.com (synopsis here).  Many (myself included) interpreted that to mean that Brittain was shutting down his site.  And with tweets like these, wouldn’t you?:

Alas, it appears that Brittain was being disingenuous: he’s merely renamed the site to ObamaNudes.com — and wants more money.

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